Kim Kyung Hee – And I’m Here Lyrics (Goblin OST)


And I’m here just, just like
I used to be
We were here in old days,
with you, with me
naneun geu ttae cheoreom, i gose isseo
urineun orae jeone yeogi isseossneunde,
neowa hamkke, nawa hamkke

All my fears have gone
when you whisper to me
No matter how near or
far apart, apart
geudaega naege soksagyeojul ttae,
nae modeun duryeoumdeureun sarajigo
geugeosi geudaega eolmana
gakkai issgeon meolli issgeon gane

When you feel so lonely,
I’ll be here to shelter you
nega oeropda neukkil ttae, naega
neoui swil gosi doeeo jul geoya
(Have you completely erased
me from your memories? , from yours?)
geudaeui gieogeseo nareul wanjeonhi jiwobeoryeossni
When you feel so lonely,
I’ll be here, here for you
nega oeropda neukkil ttae, neol wihae
naneun igose isseul geoya
(While I still feel your breeze,
holding your handt again,
holding your hands)
naneun ajikdo neoui sumgyeoreul neukkigo,
neoui soneul japgo issneunde

If I could fly above the cloudt
like all the birds
And I could hold you for a
while to let you feel my pulse
Still here, all alone
jeo saedeulcheoreom, nado gureum wireul nal su issdamyeon
geurigo aju jamsirado neowa hamkkeigo,
naui simjangsorireul deullyeo jul su issdamyeon
naneun ajik igose, honjainde

My whole life, and all my heart
You’re my whole life,
and all my heart
nae modeun salm, geurigo nae modeun maeum
neoneun nae salmui modeun geot, nae modeun maeum

And I’m here home home,
With you, With me
geurigo naneun igose isseo,
uriga issdeon jibe
neowa hamkke geurigo nawa hamkke

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